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Out-of-state Clemson Students Collection


This research focuses on students who have attended Clemson and what went into their decision. It explores what they have to experience and the kinds…

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Clemson Cadet Archive

Transcript of Interview with Clayton Pratt .pdf

Accounts and images of Clemson Cadets and Historians from the past and present.

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Clemson Custodial Staff Archive

Drinking Safety.jpg

In this project, African-American Clemson custodial staff members current and former were interviewed about their experiences as a janitor at this…

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Interviews on the Chattooga


Three separate interviews become modern memories about the Chattooga River.

Contributors: Charlie Land, Monroe Stone, Wylder Cooper

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Sandra Roberts' Memories

Sandra Roberts Transcript .pdf

The audio files, transcripts, and forms associated with Sandra Roberts' interview

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Furman Self's Interview

Furman Self Transcript.pdf

All supporting materials for the interview with Furman Self concerning Greenwood Mills

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Mill Records

96 Mill Village 1950s.jpg

photos and scans of various mill and mill village related records

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Interview With Steve Sefick

Transcript of Interview With Steve Sefick.pdf

All supporting materials for the interview conducted with Steve Sefick concerning the J.C. Stribling Barn & Plantation, circa 1822.

Contributors: Korey Pritchett & Steve Sefick

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J.C. Stribling Photographs

J.C. Stribling.jpg

Photos of Jesse Cornelius Stribling

Contributors: Korey Pritchett

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Lake Hartwell

Original Lois Burdette.mp3

This collection contains photographs, newspaper clippings, oral histories, and other historical resources that relate to the building of Lake…

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Clemson University Drinking Culture Collection


This collection contains pictures, interview audio files, and transcripts for Alexander Hyslop's project on Clemson University's drinking culture.

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ClemsonLIFE Program Collection


This collection contains pictures, interview audio files, and transcripts for Taylor Swift's project on the ClemsonLIFE program at Clemson University.

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Robert Kemp Collection

Jody Usher.jpg

Oral History of his Life

Contributors: JoNell Usher

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Clemson Ring

U.S. Shield side.png

This collection pertains to items collected in our History of Clemson course over the history of the Clemson ring. This is an overview of the long…

Contributors: Maggie Tyler, Grace Helland, Sophia Joseph

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