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Jody Usher.jpg
Usher photo

Robert Kemp doc Biographical Form final.doc
Brief biography of Robert Kemp

RK_10_14_2019 Part 2.mp3
The audiofile of second interview part 2

Photo of Staffy Bull

Clemson College Kitchen 1936.png
1936 photo of Clemson kitchen

Judge Keller Store 1936.jpg
Local Clothing Store in Clemson SC

Photo of Jimmy Kemp in Uniform
Military photo

2nd interview update doc Transcript Part 2.doc
Transcript of Robert Kemp Late Life

2nd Interview update doc Transcript Part 1.doc
Transcript from 10.14.19 RK Interview

Interview RK update doc Transcript 10.7.19 Part 2.doc
Transcription of RK Early Life

RK_10_07_2019 Part 1.mp3
Recording Part 1 Early Life

Interview RK update doc Transcript 10.7.19 Part 1.doc
First hour of Robert Kemp early life

RK_10_14_2019  Part 1.mp3
Personal interview of Robert Kemp

Oral History Release R Kemp 10.7.19.pdf
completed forms from 10.7.19 and 10.14.19

Clemson Area African American Museum_01_photo by Barry G Richards_DSC_2433 (2).JPG
Bridge Center Entrance

Inside CAAAM.jpg
Photo of CAAAM space

RK_10_07_2019 Part 1.mp3
1st RK Interview - Part 1

RK_10_07_2019 Part 2.mp3
1st RK interview Part 2
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