Out-of-state Clemson Students Collection

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Out-of-state Clemson Students Collection


Out-of-state Clemson Students


This research focuses on students who have attended Clemson and what went into their decision. It explores what they have to experience and the kinds of considerations they undergo to remain at Clemson.


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Collection Items

An audio track of the recorded interview with Krystal Bockting.

Krystal Bockting Interview Transcript
Transcript summary of an oral interview with Clemson graduate, Krystal Bockting.

Matthew Hicks Interview Transcript
Interview with a Clemson student, Matthew Hicks.

An audio track of the interview with Matthew Hicks.

Madison Butler Interview Transcript
Interview with a Clemson student, Madison Butler.

An audio track of the interview with Madison Butler.

The Next Step Interview Questions
A list of most of the questions from the interviews for the project The Next Step. Some interviews have modified or new questions not listen here.

Clemson Fact Sheet 2017
Clemson University organizes annual fact sheets that look into the student body and aspects like which majors are chosen, which states supply the most students, and the distributions of undergraduates and graduates.

Clemson University Historical Enrollment at a Glance (1900-2010)
Clemson University created a bar graph of the rate of enrollment at the university from 1900 to 2010.
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