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Clemson Aerial View.jpeg
Aerial photographs of Clemson, South Carolina showing how earth dikes hold back lakes.

Tilman Flood.JPG
An Artist Conception of Clemson on the Hartwell

Portman Shoals .jpg
A colorized post card of Portman Shoals dam and power station

May 1961.png
The nearly completed Hartwell Dam begins to back-up the Savannah River causing Hartwell Lake to appear

February 1961.png
The construction of the hydroelectric portions of Hartwell Dam

November 1959.png
The very first stages of erecting Lake Hartwell

January 1959.png
A cofferdam allows for the Hartwell Dam to be constructed in the background

November 1955.png
Aerial photo of the Savanah River at the location of the future Hartwell Dam site

Andersonville Map from Anderson Lib.JPG
upper-left section of a Anderson County map
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