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The Many Faces of the South Carolina Botanical Garden


The South Carolina Botanical Garden harbors 295 acres of land, plants, flowers, and active wildlife nestled on the edge of Clemson University’s campus.  The land includes the Bob Campbell Geology Museum, the historic Hanover House, and other items from historic sites in the Upstate South Carolina area.  The Garden was founded in 1958 as an azalea rescue project by the Clemson University stadium, where these azaleas would have been destroyed for parking expansion.  The Garden has been through many names, first being named the "Ornamental Gardens," and it has grown over four times its original size of 73 acres.  What was once a dumping ground for the university is now a bustling area for wildlife and thousands of different plant species, where the public can roam every day from dawn until dusk among the many trails that the Garden offers.  Admission has always been free, with plenty of parking and activities to keep people busy and coming back over and over again to experience the various beauties within the Garden.  In 1992, it officially became South Carolina’s official state garden. [1]  Today, the South Carolina Botanical Garden is livelier than ever, having evolved over time, shedding its many faces and ever-growing into the well-known and bustling Garden it is today.

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