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I stumbled upon this idea because my dog and I spend almost every afternoon playing in Lake Hartwell. My dad remembers hearing stories from his aunts and uncles about how the weather patterns changed near Belton, South Carolina after the Lake Hartwell was built. So, I wanted to find out more. The immense amount of data I aquired for this project is simply too much to include in an exhibit like this. If you're like me and are absoutley fascinated by this information, I highly reccommend you consult the following sources. They were extreamly helpful to me, and I offer my sincirest thanks to the information below: 


Barber, Henry E., and Allen R. Gann. A History of the Savannah District 1829-1989. Savannah, GA: Savannah District United States Army Corps of Engineers, 1989.

Smith, Russell. Lake Hartwell: The Great Lake of the South. Townville, SC: Backseat Publishing, 2007.

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Unpublished Collection, 1949-1956 Chronology of Hartwell Dam Project: Prepared for the Board of Trustees of Clemson College, Undated, Found in the Clemson University Library, Call Number TK1425.S26.C48

Unpublished Report, Impact of the Hartwell Project on the Services of the Clemson Agricultural College, United States Department of Agriculture: Washington, DC, June 1957, Found in the Clemson University Library, Call Number TK1425.S26 U58

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