The Road to Civil Rights in Charleston, South Carolina: Integration, Protest, and Strikes

In the twenty-first century, when millenials hear, “March on Washington,” they may think the protest is about that bringing awareness to unfair laws regarding foreign policies, transgenders, homosexuals, immigrants, women, and minorities. The March on Washington of 1963 started the protest that constantly reoccurs now at the Lincoln Memorial. My Grandmother, Gwendolyn Milton Jordan, participated in the March on Washington, when she was 14 years old. In this oral interview I will talk to my Grandmother about her experience with the March on Washington, the Charleston Hospital Strike, and her racial experience growing up living in Charleston, South Carolina. My Research is about the determination that three African-American women held in order to gain their civil rights in Charleston, South Carolina in the 1960’s. My interviewees are my grandmother, Gwendolyn Jordan, Emily R. Nelson, and Jean Smalls