The Present

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Johnstone Hall B & C, 1990--current-day site of Holmes and McCabe Halls; Clemson Libraries. 

Over the course of the last few decades, portions of Johnstone have gradually been demolished and dismantled in order to make room for new construction. Notably, Johnstone buildings B and C were removed to make room for Holmes and McCabe Halls, and Johnstone buildings D and F were removed to make room for what is now Core Campus (Gressette, McAlister, DesChamps, and Cribb Halls). Johnstone, which was once the thriving center of campus life, no longer fits this description--new construction further from the union has pushed student involvement elsewhere. 

With plans of demolition in the coming months, what remains of Johnstone Hall on the campus of Clemson University serves a different purpose than it once did. The dilapidated and ghost-like complex still sits at the center of west campus. The housing section of the building, Johnstone A, is now out of commission and off-limits to the general public. The loggia remains relatively empty, now serving as a study space for students, a meeting space for various student organizations, and as the home for the CCIT store and The Palmetto Room. Underneath building A, Campus Recreation funds the student bowling alley and underground student union. And lastly, scattered throughout the union are a plethora of other odds and ends that fill empty space and are in need of a home on campus such as the University Post Office, the ROTC offices, Student Government offices and Senate Chambers, and the Paw Pantry food bank.

As of now, the story of Johnstone Hall is still yet to be finished. Moving forward, the future of Johnstone truly is up in the air. But regardless, its presence at Clemson will forever and always be iconic, and its name will be remembered for generations to come.

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The Present