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Transcript of Interview With Steve Sefick.pdf
Recording & Transcript of the interview conducted by Korey Pritchett with Steve Sefick

96 Mill Village 1950s.jpg
black and white photo of a street within the Ninety-Six Mill Village

Photo of Greenwood Mills

Copy of ZOOM0001.MP3
Recording of the interview conducted by Caroline Ross with Dr. Vernon Burton

Dr. Burton Transcript.pdf
Transcript of the interview with Dr. Vernon Burton regarding his memories of the Ninety-Six Mill and Mill Village

Scannable Document on Mar 4, 2019 at 4_59_03 PM.pdf
Reports and Maintenance requests from residents living on Abney Mill Village in Greenwood, SC
A series of reports covering the sale of Abney Mill Village Homes in Greenwood, SC

Scannable Document on Mar 4, 2019 at 4_37_48 PM.pdf
Two scanned images of pages from the magazine published by Abney Mills concerning the lives of their employees and their employees' children.

Furman Self Transcript.pdf
The audio file of the interview
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